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Hello my name is Ben and welcome to my site.Ben diab


This has been created as a source of inspiration for those who need it. It is dedicated to people who suffer type 1 and type 2 diabetes. It shares my personal journey from growing up with type 1 diabetes. I have been through the highs and the lows and everywhere in between. It has been a journey that I did not see coming, but finally now as I am about to enter my 40th year on this planet I feel I can look back and shed light on my personal story. Hopefully it will serve to ensure those who need it. To enlighten those that are in the dark and to help both kids and their parents with better understanding of diabetes.


If you are anything like me, it can feel like the end of the world  after you are first diagnosed with diabetes. Why me? How could this happen? It’s not fair etc. I have been through all of these questions 1000 times over in my head. thankfully, I am at peace with my disease now. I have accepted it but I still need to be very conscious of it and be aware of the dangers as well as being excited about the future. I feel certain that in my lifetime this disease will be cured and conquered like small pox and killers of the past.


I was first diagnosed in my teenage years and initially found it very hard. I was scared. Scared of being judged by my friends, scared of having to deal with needles and blood tests 4 times a day! Scared of insulin and how dangerous it can be. I was scared and I was confused. I actually refused to accept that I had diabetes. I made the doctors test me and test me again. My misconception of the disease was that only fat and or old people had it. How would this effect my life, how could I be a normal healthy teenager? I had my whole life to live and many things to focus on including school studies, sport, going to the beach, hanging out with friends, movies, girls. This was the last thing I needed.  At one point I refused to accept the truth so much that was I very erratic with my testing and my injections. My HBAC ballooned out to 12+. My parents were worried sick. I needed some serious education. Over the years I became more used to it. I learned that I could deal and cope with diabetes. Primarily I formed new habits. Habits that were ingrained into me over the course of time.


The good news is that I have lived a happy healthy normal life since then. I have loved and lived. I got through school and now have a successful job and will start a family one day soon. Diabetes effects my life but nowhere to the degree that some assume. In fact it does not really interfere with my lifestyle much at all. I pretty much do what I want, when I want.  I still go out and party with friends. I still play sprt. I enjoy a drink and a laugh and I have never taken a single day off work or school because of my disease. That is because I understand diabetes very well now and I manage my blood sugar levels extremely well.


I will be here for you on your own journey with entries on this website. Believe me, although it feels like the end of the world it is just the beginning. Everything is fine. Just sow a few new habits and you will be as good as gold. I promise.


Please engage with me. Questions from parents and kids are always welcome. I check my emails regularly and will get back to you asap.



Founder of Healthy Blood Sugars.

Email – ben@healthybloodsugars.com

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