Can diabetics eat chocolate?

Can a diabetic eat chocolate

If I had a dollar for every time someone has seen me enjoying a chocolate treat and asked can diabetics eat chocolate, I would be a rich man. If you are a diabetic you would know that diabetics can indeed eat chocolate the same as non-diabetics. Obviously it requires more attention and management of blood sugar levels.

 Recent research

Diabetics and non-diabetics may be interested to hear about a recent scientific study that suggests that eating chocolate on a daily basis may actually improve your insulin sensitivity levels. This was recent evidence presented to the American Heart Association Scientific Studies in 2016. The article suggests that eating a little bit of chocolate each day can prevent a disease like diabetes.

Find the article I refer to here.Can a diabetic eat chocolate

It’s not meant to be eaten in large quantities

Like anything, chocolate is to be eaten in moderation and if you are a diabetic, you need to monitor your blood sugar levels. Dark chocolate generally speaking, has lower sugar and fat content than lighter chocolate and is considered a healthier alternative.

Of course consumed in large amounts, chocolate is very bad for you, especially if it is not burned off through increased exercise. Chocolate in large quantities is also very fattening and will increase your waist size which puts excess pressure on your heart amongst other things.

There are some low sugar chocolate alternatives. From my experience these are lacking in taste compared to the real thing.

Benefits of eating chocolate

  • Eating dark chocolate everyday helps improve insulin sensitivity according to research
  • It reduces stress. Stress hormones are kept under control by eating some dark chocolate every day.
  • Chocolate is good for your heart and can lower blood pressure thanks to flavonoids that are good for your veins and arteries
  • Dark chocolate maybe good for weight loss by stopping you eating richer, more sugary substitutes.
  • Chocolate contains flavonoids that may guard against heart disease.
  • Chocolate can help bring a diabetic around from hypoglycemia. It may make sense to eat chocolate prior to exercising.

There are much worse foods anyway…

As a diabetic I can assure you that there are way worse foods to eat than chocolate. As far as I am concerned the bad foods to eat are the high GI foods. I think white rice is the worst food that I know of. White bread is also bad.  I find it extremely difficult to judge and control my blood sugar levels for hours after eating white rice and to a lesser extent white bread, especially if eaten before bedtime.


Can diabetics eat chocolate – yes of course they can. Just make sure you don’t go overboard. If you are stressed or feeling  like a bit of a pick me up then reach for the chocolate bar.:o)

Let me know below what you think of the new research. I might celebrate by having a piece of chocolate now!

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