Curing diabetes naturally. Is it possible?

Curing diabetes naturally is it possible

There is good news if you are a type 2 diabetic. Curing diabetes naturally is something that you can focus on by taking care of your body with weight loss via proper diet and exercise. For type 1 diabetics the quest for a cure goes on in medical circles. I still believe that type 1 diabetes will be cured at some point in my lifetime. Until then we must all manage our condition as best we can.

Just to be clear, there is technically no cure for diabetes available now, however with proper control including regular healthy eating and exercise a type 2 diabetic can start curing diabetes naturally, or more technically speaking, see his or her diabetes reverse or go into remission.

Curing diabetes naturally

Diabetes is becoming an epidemic

Type 2 diabetes is completely avoidable. Your lifestyle habits are the first place to examine if you believe you are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The western world has become awash with fast foods that are deep fried and loaded with sugar. These foods are especially dangerous if you are overweight and downright deadly if you do little or no exercise as well.

The best place to start when it comes to curing diabetes naturally is with weight loss. Many type 2 diabetics see their condition reverse after losing excess kilos. The ideal way to lose weight is through lifestyle choices including proper diet and exercise. Medications are also available in some cases. A drug such as metformin can help you maximise your weight loss goals. There are also more radical procedures available including surgery, but this should be viewed as a last resort when losing weight. It is said that the more weight a diabetic loses the greater their improvement in blood sugar control.

Technology holds the key to a permanent cure to type 1 diabetes

There is a lot of excitement in medical circles at the moment. The excitement is related to medical procedures and technology which could one day see diabetes go the way of small pox and other extinct diseases of the past. The potential cure involves stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy involves injecting a diabetic with healthy stem cells back into their own body to recreate a healthy, insulin producing pancreas. This technology may still be some years away from working in humans, but there has been a lot of early stage clinical trail success.

 How to cure type 2 diabetes

As mentioned, technically there is no cure for diabetes, however you can stop or reverse type 2 diabetes by watching your intake of sugar and carbohydrates and by following a regular exercise regime. While this may sound simple, many diabetics really struggle to follow this lifestyle change. It may also be required for you to take some prescription medication to help you manage your weight loss and your sugar levels. Metoformin is one such medication which many type 2 diabetics are prescribed by their doctor.Curing diabetes naturally is it possible


There are many success stories of people reversing type 2 diabetes

Colin’s story

Colin was someone I used to work with. He was of Pacific Island descent. To say Colin enjoyed his food was a complete understatement. He was always munching on something, be it a chocolate bar or some crisps and guzzling down cans of coke by the gallon. Needless to say, Colin was massively overweight. Big Colin is how he was known at work. After years of working with Big Colin and watching his lifestyle habits, it was of little surprise when one day he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Colin did not cope well. The instructions from his doctor were to give up all the fast and junk foods that he loved and to stop drinking full strength coca cola immediately. Colin was allowed to drink diet coke, but he hated diet coke. Colin was a naturally up beat and optimistic sort of guy but getting type 2 diabetes effected him really badly. Doctors also put Colin on Metformin to aid his weight loss goals.

Colin was on metformin for about a year but he was always complaining about the impact this drug had on his digestion. Overall Colin was doing his best with his diet and exercise regime but his weight loss was minimal to say the least.

It was only after the death of his father that Colin decided to turn his life around. Colin sought all the information he could online and bought the diabetes destroyer ebook. Before we knew it, Colin was bringing in his home cooked meals into the office and instead of snacking on mars bars and crisps he was bring in celery sticks, carrots and hummus and other healthy meals. Colin completely transformed his life. He also joined the gym and was there 5 days a week running, cycling, swimming and lifting weights.

3 months later Colin’s doctor took him off metformin and here we are a full year later and Colin has lost more than half his body weight and his type 2 diabetes is in complete remission. Colin is now a personal trainer at Fitness First gym (believe it or not) and has become a complete inspiration to all who know him.

The moral of the story is that if Colin can do it, so can you. Colin has turned his life around and is extending his life expectancy on a daily basis. Colin is the most inspirational person that I know.

Cure diabetes naturallyMake changes and stick to them

Many diabetics get highly motivated when they are first diagnosed with their condition. Unfortunately after making some early inroads when it comes to weight loss, diet and exercise they find that the positive lifestyle changes that they have made are too hard to maintain. This is a shame because it often sees them start to put on weight again which is very dangerous and can lead to a host of long term complications. It also sees them having to take medications again. Metformin is one such medication which can have a very bad effect on your digestion, as it did with Colin.


Please continue to look around this website for more ideas and inspiration on managing your blood sugar levels effectively. There are many articles on scientific breakthroughs as well as diet and exercise ideas. Colin’s story should be a motivating factor for anyone that is struggling to keep their weight and blood sugar under control. He is a true inspiration for many people. Until a cure for diabetes is found the best thing you can do is manage your condition with natural weight loss via proper diet and a solid exercise regime.

There are many resources on this blog which will help you to manage your diabetes. For type 1 diabetics please see the latest medical breakthroughs which may hold a cure one day. Please read this blog post on diabetes and stem cell research . There is also an interesting article on artificial pancreas treatment 

For type 2 diabetics I would certainly check out this webpage for inspiration and motivation especially in the kitchen with some outstanding recipes from a diabetic 5 star chef. Please also see my blog post on Metformin for weight loss.

Finally when it comes to type 2 diabetes diet, there is a lot of interest in the Atkins diet which may inspire people to lose weight.

Please get in touch with me if curing diabetes naturally is something you have focused on or even achieved through weight loss.

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