Diabetes and pregnancy complications – tips

Diabetes and pregnancy complications

It would be a mother’s worst nightmare if her pregnancy led to gestational diabetes and pregnancy complications. But with a few early tips you can ensure you have a successful pregnancy and a beautiful, healthy newborn baby with minimal complications.

Good news first…

The good news is that the risk of diabetes and pregnancy complications is greatly reduced if gestational diabetes is diagnosed early and if it is managed well throughout your pregnancy. In fact most women who have gestational diabetes still deliver normal, healthy bubs. You will only run into trouble if your blood sugar levels are not well controlled.

If you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes it will take a little bit of getting used to but it will be nothing too overwhelming. There will be many new things you will have to get used to during your pregnancy. Managing and monitoring your blood sugar levels will have be one of them.

Diabetes and pregnancy complications that may effect baby


  • Gestational diabetes and pregnancy complicationsThe increased likelihood of needing a C-section to deliver your baby. Due to the Increased birth weight of the baby. The increased glucose in your blood stream increases the insulin secreted in your babies pancreas leading to increased weight gain. This can be dangerous for Mum and bub.
  • Early or premature birth. This maybe required because of the high blood sugar level in Mum leading to increased weight of the bub. Premature babies often have breathing difficulties early in life.
  • Low blood sugar levels or hypoglycemia. This is because your baby has been secreting extra insulin due to your high blood sugar levels during pregnancy. Early in life this increased insulin can continue in bub making his/ her early life very dangerous in deed.
  • Increased chances of type 2 diabetes later in life. This is because they will be susceptible to obesity

Diabetes and pregnancy complications that may effect mother –Diabetes and pregnancy complications

  • High blood pressure. Gestational diabetes raises the risk of high blood pressure and can lead to pre-eclampsia which is a serious condition that raises blood pressure and threatens the lives of Mum and bub.
  • Full blown diabetes. If you get it during pregnancy the chances are good that you will get it again in futures pregnancies. You also dramatically increase the chances of developing type 2 diabetes later in life. managing your weight and your health will see those chances GREATLY reduced.

What puts women at risk of gestational diabetes?


  • Any woman can be at risk of developing gestational diabetes. There are however smoke factors that put women at most risk –
  • A family history of diabetes. This factor puts anyone at risk of developing diabetes. It seems to strike with a history in the immediate family ie parents or siblings.
  • If you had gestational diabetes previously. The chances are you will get it again. You may be more at risk if your blood sugar levels are higher than normal
  • Excess weight. If you have a body mass index (BMI) of 30+ you are at serious risk.
  • Age above 25
  • Black, Indian, Asian or Hispanic races seem to develop gestational diabetes more than whites for unknown reasons.


If you lead an normal, healthy, active lifestyle and you maintain a proper diet it should be smooth sailing during your pregnancy. Even if you develop gestational diabetes the chances of anything going seriously wrong are very low. Just keep the above factors in mind.

If you do develop gestational diabetes may I recommend the world class Accu-Chek Nano to monitor your blood sugar levels. It is cheap, quick and reliable.

Let me know if you have had or know anyone who has had gestational diabetes.

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  1. Maddie

    Thanks for the information! There’s so much I’ve learned since having my son that can harm a pregnancy that I am a little nervous to have a second! Lol. The only way I can prevent any problems (as much as what I can control) is to choose the healthier options in my everyday decisions. Like you said, maintain a healthy diet, and stay active! I pray that I don’t have any complications. Thanks!


    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Maddie. Thanks for your feedback. I certainly wouldn’t let it put you off going for baby number 2 but just remember to look after yourself and your new bub and things should be smooth sailing 99% of the time. If you do run into pregnancy problems you should still be ok but you will need to take extra precautions.

  2. Jenny

    Thanks for the great read, I had gestational diabetes when i was pregnant with my second child. I am glad it was caught early though so it was controlled, and never experienced any other complications.
    Your article was very thorough and it was interesting to read which women are more likely to get gestational diabetes.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Jenny. I’m glad to hear that you caught the symptoms early and was able to act! Diabetes and pregnancy complications can be dangerous for Mum and bub so they key point is to act fast if you suspect there maybe something wrong. Most Western woman do. Problems can arise in developing nations when woman fall pregnant. Poverty and diabetes has a very big correlation as this article describes. Thanks for reading. http://healthybloodsugars.com/poverty-and-diabetes-is-there-a-link


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