Diabetes cure found! Stem cells cure diabetic mice.

Diabetes cure found

In an announcement to both the Australian and US stock markets yesterday a company called Mesoblast made a stunning announcement claiming – diabetes cure found. This headline is enough to make anyone sit up and take notice so let’s dissect what it means for the 400 million diabetics in the world.
Mesoblast Limited is engaged in the development of adult stem cell technology platforms for commercialization. Some of their technologies are a long way from being available on the market. Stem cells hold the real key to finding a permanent cure for diabetes.
Diabetes cure found

Stem cells

The announcement

Mesoblast announced that it has exclusively licensed patented technology that modifies adult stem cells to enhance their natural homing properties to sites of excessive inflammation. This technology has induced durable reversal of type 1 diabetes in a pre-clinical study.
The results showed that when the stem cells reached the pancreas of type 1 diabetic mice, the mice reverted back to have normal, healthy blood sugars!

What is means for the future

The results, while exciting, have got no further than lab rats. There would need to be a comprehensive, long term clinical trails of this stem cell therapy before it would become available to human beings. All told we may be many years off before we can utilize this exciting technology.

Moral issues with the technology

Then comes the problems with getting this sort of medical treatment past lawmakers. People may have a philosophical or religious based concerns when it comes to utilizing this stem cell technology. If it is passed it could see the end of chronic diseases including –
  • Diabetes
  • Blindness
  • Baldness
  • Deafness
  • stroke
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Cancer
This maybe the most exciting medical development since penicillin.


We live in an exciting age and as I have said many times I truly believe that we will see a cure for diabetes at some stage in my lifetime.
There are many exciting diabetes breakthroughs in the world right now. Please see my articles on other diabetes remedies both natural and technological. The first article is a natural probiotic pill that is already available and has been proven to dramatically lower blood sugar levels. Then there is artificial pancreas treatment which is coming to the market as we speak. There is also a bacteria-killing protein which is lowering diabetic’s blood sugars and finally the blood sugar patch which will revolutionize the way we check our blood sugar levels.
Please let me know what you think of this technology below. Exciting time lay in front of us.
Diabetes cure found
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  1. Maddie

    This is very interesting. That would be amazing if this cured a lot of ailments people suffer from. I have a friend with diabetes and whenever we go out he has to bring a candy bar with and his insulin. I hope that sooner than later this will be used to cure people.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      So do I Maddie believe me. It seems we are very close. It would be great to proclaim diabetes cure found for real some day soon!

  2. Joe

    Hey Ben, great article and very informative!! Like you have mentioned, there are indeed very exciting times ahead. This technology is really something incredible, and it is really astonishing at what is happening in the world of science these days. Your site looks great and very professional. :) Keep up the good work !!

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Thanks for the feedback Joe. Yes we lie on the doorstep to what could be a complete revolution in the world of medicine. Stem cells are very exciting but still some way off unfortunately. The trial results are very promising. Our children’s children will most likely talk about diabetes the way we talk about small pox now – a disease of the past.


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