Diabetes depression treatment

Diabetes depression treatment

The first question I usually get asked on this topic is can diabetes cause depression? From personal experience it can. I received diabetes depression treatment shortly after I was first diagnosed. The doctor put me on some antidepressants but I got off them after a month or so. The side effects from the drugs for me, was horrible.

Diabetes depression treatment

The statistics say

One in four people will suffer depression at some stage in their life. That number is significantly higher for diabetics. It is important to receive treatment if you show any signs of struggling with mental health. Diabetics can have a hard time coping with a chronic disease like diabetes. This can lead to to a vicious cycle of depression causing bad habits and ultimately diabetes complications down the track.


Depression can overwhelm and get worse over time. It can lead to a spiral of negativity including

  • thoughts of helplessness,
  • inactivity and withdrawing from the world.
  • over eating or alcoholism
  • a complete lack of managing your diabetic condition.

Now for the good news

There are many diabetes depression treatments available but you must seek medical advice first and foremost.  Medical treatment including taking a course of antidepressants or talking your problems over with a therapist can soon lead to a cure for the depression and you starting to enjoy life again.

My story

Diabetes depression treatmentI was stuck with feelings of helplessness and was frustrated when I developed type 1 diabetes. My doctor soon identified these thoughts and feelings and put me on pills. I didn’t really feel like they did anything for me. I didn’t feel any different but I did notice a massive fall in my sex drive. When I mentioned this to my doctor he told me to stop taking the drugs immediately.

I am at peace with diabetes now. I know that it is not the end of the world because I can lead a normal happy, healthy life. There is not anything that I am restricted from doing. I know I can never fly an aeroplane or scuba dive but I never really want to anyway. I still go out to dinner and enjoy a few drinks, I even eat sweets afterwards too.

What it boils down to

Managing diabetes is about doing the simple things like exercise most days, monitoring your blood sugar levels 3 or 4 times a day and drinking plenty of water. It really isn’t that hard.

Managing depression is about surrounding yourself with positive people and  having a support network including your family. It is also about finding hobbies and interests like football or dating or getting into spirituality and self improvement as an example.

If you are struggling or know someone that is struggling, please reach out below…

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  1. Dan Maxwell, Jr


    Great post. Many illnesses, not just diabetes case people to be depressed. And in many instances a lot of people live with that depression which ends up being the actual cause of death.

    I remember here in Liberia, when Aids medication wasn’t readily available, people were worried sick when diagnosed of being HIV positive. A lot of them died not from the HIV, but from the associated depression.

    Great that you remind people that even with diabetes, they can live a normal life.

    1. admin

      Thanks for your comments Dan. Isn’t it amazing that the real killer can be the way you think about the disease instead of the actual disease itself. Mental health is a big issue right across the world not only for diabetics as you just illustrated.

  2. ches

    One of my relatives has just been given the news that he has type 2 diabetes. He was very depressed and we are all rallying round to try and keep his moral up.
    He already has a number of other serious problems and this extra burden has tipped him over the edge I think.
    I have advised him to start taking a good quality Magnesium (Mg) supplement, which he is doing. He is already a little more relaxed and looking on the brighter side. Mg will definitely help with the depression.
    It’s quite unusual for an adult to become Type 1 diabetic it’s usually contracted in childhood. Even so, both types are associated with a Mg deficiency according to research.
    Putting a good Mg Chloride solution in your drinking water could help dramatically. Mg citrate powder is also a good supplement but can be laxative, but good if you have constipation problems. Otherwise there is the alternative of topically applying Mg Chloride or even regularly soaking in Mg Sulphate (Epsom Salts) bath. IMHO Mg Chloride in your drinking water is the best way of supplementing. Ches

    1. admin

      Great Ches. Thanks for the tip. We can add magnesium as a diabetes depression treatment. I will be sure to do a post about its benefits one day soon!


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