Diabetes Destroyer System Reviews – some of them are shameful

Diabetes destroyer system reviews

I have seen a lot of diabetes destroyer system reviews online and after reading this eBook recently I thought it would be appropriate for me to add my own 2 cents worth with a review for my readers for them to gauge whether it is right for them.

Rest assured that this will be a review without all the marketing hype and gimmicks. If you decide that you would like to try the diabetes destroyer system you can do that by following the links below for the cheapest price you will find on-line and it comes with a full 60 day guarantee.

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Diabetes destroyer system reviews

The shameless diabetes destroyer system reviews online

First and foremost, there are a number of shameless reviews of this book from so called diabetics who had their lives changed by this book. Just read some of the reviews when you Google diabetes destroyer review. It is a shameful money grab by these fraudsters. As you can see from this website I am an actual diabetic that actually knows what they are talking about. Will I make money if you buy this book by following my link? Yes of course but unlike other hawkers, the profits I make go straight back into this website to actually help, inspire and educate diabetics across the globe.

Can the book help diabetics?

Can the book work? Yes it can but there is no really new information in it. You can basically reverse type 2 diabetes by losing weight, exercising and following a good eating plan, you should already know that. All the information in this book has been covered both on this blog and on other websites many times. I would describe this the diabetes destroyer system as the lazy persons way of getting all the info at once in an easy to read downloadable eBook.

Is David Andrews a real person?

The writer is a 5 star chef believe it or not. His name is David Andrews.  He is 52 years old and has a wife and 2 children. David was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes sometime ago and really struggled with the disease. That was until he started applying the lessons in this book to his own life. What gives David credibility is the fact that he is the head chef of a 5-star restaurant in Washington DC in the US.

I don’t know David personally, I have never met him. He may not even exist but there have been so man cases of people reversing type 2 diabetes that it doesn’t really matter. We know enough about people like him to say there have been people like David who have done it.

It is for type 2 diabetics only

First, foremost and uppermost the diabetes destroyer system is aimed at type 2 diabetics. If you are a type 1 diabetic like me then it is not going to mean the end of insulin shots. That’s what the dodgy peddlers of this eBook who are writing diabetes destroyer reviews on-line wont tell you because they don’t understand the disease. If you suffer juvenile diabetes then it is not going to give you much more than a good read along with some serious inspiration about eating the right foods. I think therefore, that the diabetes destroyer system is mainly targeted at an older audience as the majority of type 2 diabetics are over 40.

Is it a game changer?

Is this ebook a game changer in the world of diabetes? Of course it’s not. You can tell that from the gimmicky video at the start. Can it help you if you are struggling with type 2 diabetes? Absolutely it can! It can inspire, motivate and educate and that is what reading a new eBook with fresh ideas and insights is all about at the end of the day.

What is the diabetes destroyer system?

The book claims that if you follow the system fully and completely then you will be able to cure your type 2 diabetes permanently. What is doesn’t tell you initially is that you will have to follow the strict regime for the rest of your life. Are there many people out there that are willing to take that bold step? Hmmm I didn’t think so. David claims to have reversed his type 2 diabetes which is possible but only with steely determination to eat what is right. He did not use any natural treatments or remedies which goes against what a lot of people including myself advise.

The Diabetes destroyer system breaks the fight into 3 basic steps. The steps appear quite easy to follow and after following the system for about a week you start the process of reversing your type 2 diabetes.

The main core of the Diabetes Destroyer program is designed in the form of 3 basic steps, which are very easy to follow and will allow you to reverse your diabetic condition almost instantly. The program states that it will take about a week to start taking effect, and it doesn’t even matter how long you have had the diabetic condition for as well.

The good part is you can trail the book for free and if you are not happy with the results then you can get your money back. Heck you can download the book, photocopy it and then ask for your money back (but you did NOT hear that from me).

What are the 3 parts to the diabetes destroyer system?

The book is broken down into 3 parts. In some circles the eBook is known as the 3-step diabetes destroyer eBook.

1. Jump-starting your pancreas

The main aim of the first part is to create a meal plan. It involves adding and eliminating certain foods to your diet. Hint the first thing to go is gluten. As David is a head chef he does have some interesting things to say about the foods we put in our bodies.This part is all aimed at maximising your waning insulin production.

2. Amping up your metabolism

More about food and some comments on exercises to get your insulin absorption rates up. Again this is nothing new in the world of type 2 diabetes. David also talks about the health benefits of certain berries that should be added to your diet

3. Timing your meals to eliminate your diabetes

The final step is all about when to eat the meals that David recommends. This is the most dubious part of the eBook that is not backed up by any medical research. Still it does make for interesting reading and many people who have benefited from this book think that the timing of your meals is very important in the fight against type 2 diabetes.

Pros of the diabetes destroyer system

  • It will reverse your type 2 diabetes if you follow the program
  • You get a 60 day guarantee
  • Davis is a chef and some of his recommendations when it comes to foods are interesting
  • You get $10 off the price of the eBook when you use the coupon code secret10dollarsoff 
  • You can download the book, photocopy it and then ask for your money back (but you did NOT hear that from me). ;o)


  • Only available in PDF form so its a pain to read on your mobile phone
  • It contains no new information

What else do you get in the offer?

The Diabetes Destroyer system eBook does give you a few other bonus gifts which maybe of interest. They are more what I would call lifestyle bonuses –

Ageing No more eBook

A small eBook that gives you hints and tips to reverse the effects of ageing on the mind, body and soul.

Accelerated Fat Burning Guide eBook

Teaches you to raise your metabolism and tips to build more muscle more quickly

Reducing Blood Pressure Naturally eBook

Using natural foods and the tips in this bonus eBook you can lower your blood pressure easily and affectively. High blood pressure and high blood sugar levels are a very bad combination




Why not give the book a try if any of the above has resonated with you or if you need an easy to read well compiled list of foods and facts about fighting type 2 diabetes. Please give me a shout out below if you have read the book. Feel free to add your comments to the Diabetes Destroyer System Reviews below.

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  1. Terry

    Thank you for your honest assessment of the book and the system. People are moving more towards life style and diet changes to reverse diseases and honest reviews such as this will help them make good decisions. Even though all the information can be found on the internet, I think some people likes books because it’s all compiled together instead of surfing the web. Good post.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Thanks Terry I appreciate your feedback. There are plenty of dodgy reviews from scammers out there that is for sure. It is still a good book for type 2 diabetics to read / follow.

  2. jCamden

    I’ve seen many of the reviews you talked about that tout this book and how wonderful it is. I do feel like having all of that information, if it’s good information ,consolidated into one place does make it a worthwhile purchase. Even if there’s nothing new here, you’ll find so much bad information on the Internet when you start looking for help in managing diabetes it’s hard to know which sources are good ones and which you should avoid. I appreciate your honesty here though and the effort you’ve obviously taken to build a high quality website for other diabetics out there!

    1. Ben (Post author)

      There is no doubt that the book is good for type 2 diabetics however many of the reviews out there simply miss this point and think it’s good for all diabetics. For type 1 diabetics the best product on the market is this http://healthybloodsugars.com/accu-chek-nano-review

  3. RuthM

    So as I understand it, you think this book is a good buy if you are the type of person to stick to a strict regime. But only if you are this type of person will it work? Is that Correct.

    Other than this (as described in the book) is there a way to reverse type 2 diabetes? Or is diet and exercise the only way.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Ruth. Yes I think it’s a good book. You do need to stick to the guidelines as highlighted in the book. With proper diet and exercise it is definitely possible to reverse type 2 diabetes.

  4. Matt's Mom

    You did a really great job reviewing the Diabetes Destroyer System, and your post is honest and upfront. I do not have diabetes, but if I did I think I would be talking to my doctor and looking up information in the Internet and not purchasing this book. I think you right, you can find the same information online by just doing a little research and by doing what your doctor probably already told you to do. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Very true Matt’s Mum. Hey great name by the way. Like any subject you can learn all about it online these days. As I said the book is helpful but not for all diabetics. Thanks for reading!

  5. Denise

    Hi there,
    I like that you put the interest of your readers first when doing this shameless diabetes review. Being a diabetic puts you in the position to best talk about this book.
    You are very right when you say you can reverse type two diabetes simply by loosing weight, eatting right and exercising.
    Good work here, it will help many people looking for true information.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Thanks for your feedback Denise. It is a great book but I am of the belief that people really need to know what they are buying…

  6. Brandy

    Thanks for the review. My father, who has multiple health problems, was recently diagnosed with diabetes type 2. He doesn’t use the computer (literally doesnt even know how to turn one on) and, because of some rationalization problems, has difficulty researching his own stuff. I try to find recipes and plan out his meals weekly for him so it’s easy to follow. However, I don’t have diabetes so this is all a learning experience for me, as well.

    I know the information contained in the Diabetes Destroyer system is standard diabetes knowledge, but do you think if I were to print it out it would essentially have everything he needed to know in one tangible, centralized location? Or is it not complete in that sense?

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Brandy and thanks for your questions. I am sorry to hear about your father but the good news is with proper information this disease if completely manageable. For people with type 2 diabetes there is a lot of good information in this book. Quite a lot of it is available online and quite a bit of it is just plain common sense. As this book was written by a 5 star chef you will find many healthy and delicious recipes in the book that you wont find anywhere else. If you follow all the information contained in the diabetes destroyer your father should be in pretty good shape and have some very good information at his disposal almost straight away.

  7. Daniela

    Hi Ben,
    I’ve never worried about diabetes before although we have it in the family. But now as I am 8 months pregnant I tend to have high blood sugar levels in my blood test results. My doctor doesn’t seem to have an opinion about this, but I am a bit worried. Would you recommend this or any other book for my case?
    Thank you!

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Daniela. That’s strange that your doctor doesn’t have an opinion about it. I would maybe seek a second medical opinion to be honest. The book can help with some tasty diabetic recipes and good general advice. Please also see this article on gestational diabetes. http://healthybloodsugars.com/diabetes-and-pregnancy-complications

  8. Scott

    Thanks for an honest review of the Diabetes Destroyer System. I haven’t read this book but I think i may after reading your summary of it. I have never been officially diagnosed with diabetes but my blood sugar runs high. My dad is diabetic. My doctor was watching my A1C pretty close and was threatening to put me on meds for it. I was able to lower those numbers by eating better and ridding my diet of sugar and bad food. I am always on the lookout for more tips.
    I see that there are recipes included? Are they pretty simple for a single dad like me?

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Scott. Yes the recipes are the highlight of the book as it is written by a 5 star gourmet chef. It can definitely give you some good ideas and inspiration especially in terms of recipes. There are some other valuable pieces of information that are condensed down into one easy to read book.


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