Life with type 1 diabetes

Life with type 1 diabetes

I look at life with type 1 diabetes as nothing more than a slight inconvenience. I say slight because I have had type 1 diabetes for many years now and I am used to it. It is part of my life. In the early years it took a lot of getting used to and dare I say it, a lot of trial and error. Most of these posts are aimed at kids with diabetes to work in a new diabetes diet and lifestyle into your day to day life. Life with type 1 diabetes did not mean a drastic or radical change in my diet or lifestyle – that is the good news. It did however mean having some serious education about what foods to eat and about the effects of insulin on the body.Life with type 1 diabetes

As the title suggests having good diabetes health means getting your head in the game to make a few simple adjustments to form some new habits. If you don’t know that insulin can kill you on the spot then you need to get to grips with that ASAP. It is not a medication to be messed around with. Counting carbs was something I tried to get my head around very early in my life as a diabetic. I found it was helpful to a degree, but the book went right out the window when trying to judge how many carbs are in a bowl of white rice. White rice i consider to be one of the worst possible foods to eat as a diabetic. My blood sugar levels run off the charts for up to 12 hours afterwards. Brown rice I find is a much better alternative. It is way, way, way better for you and makes your blood glucose levels much easier to judge.

Another big change for me was the effect of exercise on my blood sugar levels. Be aware that you won’t want a big dose of insulin before any strenuous activity. The exercise itself will naturally lower your blood sugar. Be aware of the symptoms of having a hypo, ie sweating, dizziness, confusion to name a few. These symptoms were never ideal to experience when I was playing football! LOL. When exercising it is ideal to carry some jelly beans with you or at very least carry some loose change on you and know where the nearest shop is so that you can quickly get to the store to buy a coke or orange juice.

Watching out for the effects of white rice and exercise are two key habits I have formed since being a teenager with diabetes. There are many and numerous other habits you should think about in your life with type 1 diabetes. Feel free to add some more ideas by emailing me.

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  1. lexi

    I love your outlook on Type 1 being a “slight inconvenience.” I wish more people could see that diabetes does not have to control your life. Diabetes does not control you, you are in control of it. This is a great way to bring awareness to such an important issue. Hopefully more people will adopt your point of view!

  2. Daniel Garcia

    Great post in the sense that you have been living with type 1 diabetes and is aiming this at our youth, people need to step up and control thier kids diets. I did not know that insulin can kill you but know I do thank you for that. My mother in law has diabetes but she takes it as a joke its sad really, she doesn’t even know what type. But I like your point of view.

  3. donald

    Hi, an interesting article and one that is getting me to think!

    I think I may have to go to the doctor, because some of the symptoms that you are dealing with. I seem to be experiencing. I do like the sugar rather too much, and always have.

    So we trip to the doctor will put my mind at ease, and if I have type I am coming back to see you!

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Donald, I am sure you will be fine however if you do have those symptoms then please get yourself to the Dr ASAP for a check up.


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