Recent Diabetes Breakthroughs

One thing we can say for sure about diabetes treatments is that medical experts are headed in the right direction. There have been recent diabetes breakthroughs which are promising, however no cure for diabetes has been found yet. There is millions and millions of dollars of research being poured into the problem every year,  so we are closer than ever to finding a cure. Some recent diabetes breakthroughs are making the disease a lot more manageable for diabetics.

Same story for type 2 diabetics

In terms of new type 2 diabetes breakthroughs the best way to reverse your condition continues  to be through proper diet and exercise.   Meanwhile, new type 1 diabetes breakthroughs continue to roll in. It appears that the best hope for a cure is in stem cell therapy.

Stem cells hold the key

Stem cell therapies big problem is that once the new stem cells are injected into the body, the bodies auto immune system tries to “kick them out”. This results in people having to take a lifetime of anti-rejection drugs. These drugs are dangerous, worse and more dangerous than taking insulin. Recent developments have seen scientists turn stem cells into beta cells. Beta cells are what produce insulin (great news) however the body then kills these cells (this is how we became type 1 diabetics in the first place). Advances have come by way of a protective coating for these beta cells. This is encouraging but there is more work to be done.  Stem cell therapy is still very new and not exactly legal in many countries, which is another problem.


Inhalable insulinInhalable insulin is another interesting development. This is for those that are sick of injecting themselves with insulin several times a day. Interestingly this technology has existed before but it didn’t really find a market. Hopefully the latest incarnation will strike a chord with diabetics and this option of treatment will be readily available soon.




Artificial pancreasThe artificial pancreas. This sounds intrusive as it is strapped to the body via a machine that holds insulin and glucagon. To me, this sounds similar to the readily available insulin pump. As technology improves this option may become less intrusive. Some are comfortable wearing a pump attached to your belt. Personally I could think of nothing worse and it would be one of the last options I would take..

Other bits and pieces

Other recent diabetes breakthroughs include diabetes blood sugar testing through upcoming versions of the iPhone through the iHealth platform. There is also talk of much cheaper diabetic strips coming out soon also.

The news sounds encouraging overall and will only continue to improve over the years. I am certain that at some stage in my lifetime diabetes will be cured.

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