The best vegetables for diabetics

Vegetables for diabetics

There is no more certain way to add benefits to your health than by adding a few more servings of veggies to your plate every day. Vegetables for diabetics and non-diabetics for that matter are a very important part of the make up in one’s diet.

If you are anything like me then adding a few more vegetables to your diet would be something you would focus on in an ideal world, but getting into a new habit is not easy and giving up foods you love and replacing them with healthy alternatives can be even harder. Inspiration in the kitchen however, maybe as easy as reading a few more paragraphs of this article.

Best vegetables for diabetics

What so good about vegetables for diabetics?

In case you have been living under a rock somewhere vegetables are full of goodness. They contain an abundance of vitamins and minerals. They are also packed with fibre and have very few (in some cases none) calories.

You should aim to eat anywhere between 3 to 5 servings of vegetables per day. A serving of vegetables is considered to be half a cup of cooked vegetables or 1 cup of raw vegetables. They contain few carbs and have a very low GI value.

Get more veggies on your plate but watch out…

Load up, load up! Get as many veggies as you want on your plate. This is a sure fire way to lose a few kilos around your belly while feeling full all of the time. You want to go for as many colours as possible. Think all the colours of the rainbow. The best are fresh vegetables, go organic if you can afford to pay a bit of a premium. Frozen veggies are OK too.

Take it easy on the high starchy vegetables though (read below) and be careful not to add too much butter or sauces or to fry your vegetables too much as as this will bring all your good work undone. If you are eating a salad watch the dressing you put on top. Cream based dressings are not good for you at all so a caesar salad for instance might not be best option.

Use this if you are struggling to come up with recipes that taste great…

This is an outstanding resource, especially for type 2 diabetics, it is also great for type 1 diabetics looking for some healthy, tasty ideas in the kitchen.

This eBook comes from a former 5 star chef who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes some time ago. He did not cope well after he was diagnosed and a short time later he fell into depression. What ultimately turned his life around was when he developed early onset of complications including the threat of losing his leg.

Ultimately he used his knowledge and his disease for good. He created some award winning recipes that taste great and are very healthy. After several months on this new found diet his diabetes went into full remission so he decided to write an eBook that contain some of his tastiest and most popular recipes.I highly recommend that you go here to buy this eBook now.

Vegetables for diabetics

Starchy vs non starchy vegetables

There is such a thing as vegetables that are really good for you and vegetables which are not quite as good for you. The starchy, high carb vegetables for diabetics are not quite as good while non starchy veggies are the best alternative. Low starchy vegetables are low GI and one of the best ways to fill your belly without filling your waist line.

Starchy vegetables contain more carbohydrates than the non-starchy variety. Starchy vegetables include things like potatoes, peas and corn. While non starchy vegetables are generally the flowering part of the plant, they are things like spinach, capsicum, carrots and broccoli.

Non starchy vegetables have approximately 5 grams of carbs in a serve of vegetables and are packed full of fibre so the impact on your blood sugar level will be limited. . Ideally you want to aim for vegetables that fill all the colours of the rainbow.

 The best of the best vegetables for diabetics

Broccoli – one of the most nutritious vegetables out there. It has works to detoxify the body and is packed with vitamin D. Broccoli also is full of cholesterol lowering properties. Ideally you should steam or blanch broccoli to get the maximum benefit from one of nature’s true super foods

Spinach – Popeye was onto something when he ate his spinach to give him strength. In fact research suggests that a bowl of spinach everyday increase muscle efficiency by providing them with more oxygen.  It is full of antioxidants and contains Vitamins A, B2, C and K as well.

Celery – it burns more calories to eat celery actually contains. Celery is great because you can eat it raw and it is so packed full of fibre. It is great to keep you regular. It helps lower cholesterol which is good for your heart. Celery seeds combat high blood pressure too.Carrots for diabetics

Carrots – Bugs Bunny liked carrots and they kept him well ahead of his rivals. Carrots are full of Vitamin A which helps you see and helps your liver flush out toxins. They also have cancer preventing properties. Eating carrots is also great for your skin and will keep you looking young.

Cauliflower – is a versatile vegetable in its own right. Not many people realise that it is packed with vitamin C. It also contains a lot of Vitamin K which has anti-inflammatory nutrients and even some omega 3 fats which is great for your body and your heart. Cauliflower has been said to have properties that prevent cancer too.

Onions – are great to cook with. They are full of taste that can really bring out the flavour of other foods. You can bake onions or eat them raw in a salad. Onions are full of goodness including vitamin C to boost your immune system. Sulfur compounds in onions can also lower bad cholesterol

Tomatoes – taste great raw or cooked. I prefer my tomatoes cooked. They are full of nutrients and antioxidants. They said to be good for your kidneys and can help repair damage done by smoking.

Mushrooms – Most people fry their mushrooms and you need to be careful if you choose to cook them this way as they absorb a lot of oil. Choose olive oil if you cook mushrooms this way. Otherwise you can eat them raw in a salad. Amongst other things mushrooms are full of lean protein too.

For further information about the best way to tackle diabetes and weight loss please see this blog post

For further information about diabetes and high cholesterol and how to fight it, please see this article.


Some of the best vegetables for diabetics are listed above. Vegetables are a vital part of any diabetic’s diet and the great thing is that you can make them taste great and eat as many of them as you like. Please give some serious consideration to buying the eBook recommended above, there are some award winning recipes which could see your type 2 diabetes go into full remission as it has done with countless others.again, please go here to buy this eBook

Please get in touch with me below to let me know your best vegetables for diabetics.

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  1. Ben

    Wow, I never knew that some vegetables could be ebad for you if you are diabetic. I thought only things like bread crackers and pasta are bad. I did not even know the difference between starchy vegetables and non starchy vegetables. Thanks for the useful information and the helpful list.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Ben. It’s not that the vegetables are bad for you per se, it is that not all vegetables are created equal and some contain a lot more carbs than others eg potatoes. Either way putting more veggies on your plate whether your diabetic or not will only serve you well over the longer term that is for sure.

  2. Derek Marshall

    Hi there,

    An excellent and much needed article for sufferers of diabetes. Nice to see a lot of the vegetables that are in in that list, which was almost all of them!, help with erectile dysfunction, which is a condition that type 2 diabetes could lead to. So tuck in to the veggies! it’s two birds with one stone!

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Very true Derek. A diet with plenty of vegetables is one of the best things you can do for your body. It really can improve most problems that you have as they make your blood very alkeline which is ideal. Speaking of ED here is an article which you may find interesting

  3. Efi

    Hi Ben,
    A lot helpful information.
    I already sent it to my father to read it.
    He suffering from this disease for the last 5 years and I’m trying to help him in every way that I can.
    I’m glad that I arrived at your site.
    I know that is not a fan of vegetables, and hope this article will change its mind.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Efi. To be honest I do not know too many people that are huge “fans” of vegetables. I think the best thing most can say is that they quite like vegetables. However, they are the best thing you can eat to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Just remember not all vegetables are created equally.

  4. Bill Garland

    Being a dIabetic for many years, I was attracted to your site to see if I could pick up any pointers. Scrolling over your pages, up popped dogs and diabetes. Well, after being involved with dogs for over 50 years, and having just finished my website, I forgot about myself.
    One suggestion I would make at the beginning of your info is to seek out a vet, if you suspect your dog might
    have it, and then mention the various food manufacturers.
    Too many people will try and be cheap and skip the vet.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Bill. That is very good advice. The first point of call for any animal that you suspect maybe diabetic is the vet.

      I hope that you are managing your diabetes well. Just a few simple adjustments to anyone’s lifestyle can ensure that they live a happy, health, complications-free life. That includes people and animals!


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