The blood sugar patch. The new blood sugar monitoring device

New blood sugar monitor

Have you heard about the new blood sugar patch that maybe about to change the lives of type 1 diabetics forever? It is exciting technology in the world of new blood sugar monitors.New blood sugar monitor
This will mean the end to painful finger prick blood sugar monitoring which will be a revelation, especially for young children. The technology has just been approved in the UK.
This is a big breakthrough and something I am very keen to try ASAP. As far as medical companies are concerned, diabetes is the big disease to try and cure or at least improve. The company behind this marvelous invention is FreeStyle Libre.

How the blood sugar patch works

  • It works via a 35 millimeter wide patch which is stuck on the back of the upper arm or any convenient spot on the skin
  • A microscopic conducting fibre penetrates the upper level of skin and reads the blood sugar levels in the deep skin cells.
  • The information is read by a new blood sugar monitor by swiping the patch with a wireless digital reader in a similar way to scanning a credit card.

Imagine a world

Imagine a world where we see the end of finger prick tests!! It would allow parents of young diabetic children to monitor the blood glucose levels of their children at night while they are sleeping. I envisage that this technology will ultimately lead to digital alarms that can be triggered if diabetics’s sugar becomes too low or too high.

New blood sugar patch

How much does it cost?

At this stage the new blood sugar patch would costs somewhere in the vicinity of $USD100 and each patch last for up to 2 weeks. The new blood sugar monitor would cost about the same.
I am always so pleased to read about new technology in the world of diabetes and although early days, this new blood sugar patch sounds like a real game changer.

As it stand right now the best blood sugar monitor in the world is the Accu-Chek Performa Nano. Read my review of this product here.
Please let me know what you think about these latest diabetes breakthroughs by writing to me below.

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  1. Anne

    Wow! Thank you so much for this article!
    I am the worst person imaginable around blood and needles and anything like that so it sounds like this new technology would be a dream come true for me. Thankfully I don’t have diabetes but I know a few people that do and I wouldn’t think twice about recommending this product to them.
    It’s wonderful what new technologies us humans are capable of! (well most of the time)

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Anne. Yes there are so many new technologies in the world of diabetes. This new blood sugar monitor is the most exciting piece of technology I have seen for sometime and it is about to hit shelves in the UK. It’s so good for parents of children with diabetes in particular!

  2. Pitin

    When you say the patch can last for two weeks, how often can it be used? How long do you have to stick it on to your back to get accurate results? Also, is it disposable? I would love to know that it is not disposable so as to save money in the long run. Imagine you have to buy and pay $100 every two weeks which is not cheap at all.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Pitin. Thanks for your questions. To be honest as I have not trialled the product personally so I can not tell you how many times the blood sugar patch can be used during its 2 week lifespan. I am fairly certain that the patch just stays on your back for as long as the adhesive lasts or until you have a shower in the morning but again I am not 100% certain. I think the new blood sugar patch will initially be on the expensive side but it should come down in price as medicare/ health systems/ governments support it.

  3. kelechukwu22

    I think it is cool that everyone we know to have diabetes, might not have to worry about the dreaded poke. The blood sugar monitoring device sounds like an idea that will change the way we live. Not just people with it but the people who take care of them. I’m glad I learned about this and hopefully more reviews to come

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Yes the dreaded poke maybe a thing of the past. It’s great news for parents of very young children with diabetes in particular!

  4. Daniella

    Hi Ben,

    I found your article very interesting and helpful, I was happily surprised to read about this new technology, which will help so many diabetics people around the globe. Technology scares me sometimes, but when I see the result, then I am happy!
    I have bookmarked your website so I can read more of your interesting articles.
    Thank you

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Thanks Daniella. That is very kind of you. Yes the new technologies in the medical world can be scary although they are exciting for people who suffer these diseases. Hopefully there will be a cure for type 1 & type 2 diabetes very soon…!

  5. Sharon

    What an awesome product you are introducing. I am familiar with some of the issues noted in your posts, they are very informative. I hope you get the message out to a lot of people and are able to help make their lives and diabetes more manageable. Good luck with it

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Thanks Sharon. I’m doing my best, hopefully my message can inspire and motivate those who need it.

  6. adam

    Great article! I know diabetes is a terrible disease, and every research that can help is amazing.
    This project defnitely has a future. If it can help people that suffer from type 1 diabetes and especially children, e should all support it. The price is almost the same as other ways of going about this, so i think this will have a bright future.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      I whole heartedly agree with you Adam. I will try this new technology one day for sure. I don’t mind the old way of getting blood out and putting it on a strip to get a reading on your blood sugar levels, but Im used to it. This new way is a game changer for sure!!

  7. Dave

    Agreed, this is a great piece of technology to make blood sugar measurements less painful. I assume as it becomes more mainstream, prices should go down as sales go up.

    It’d be great too if there was also a patch that goes with it that releases sugar into the body if sugar levels go too low.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      That is an inspired idea Dave. You should patent one! ;o) In all seriousness though – yes they should come down in price once they become more popular. Hopefully we get more breakthroughs. This one may also interest you…


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