Type 1 diabetes diet

Type 1 diabetes diet

In terms of having a successful type 1 diabetes diet I highly recommend getting in touch with your local diabetes center and speaking to the nutritionist. Obviously as a diabetic we need to play closer attention to the foods we put in our bodies, but in no way should it debilitate you from having a normal, happy, healthy diet, with the occasional treats included :o) . Personally I am of the belief that that a type 1 diabetes diet should not be drastically different from any normal, healthy diet. Your blood sugar levels just need to be well managed.Type 1 diabetes diet

The big changes for me in terms of my diabetes diet has meant giving up full strength coca cola. It took some getting used to but I now drink diet coke or coke zero. I am also very cautious about eating white carbs. Ie white rice, white bread and pasta. I now prefer brown rice as an eating option. The more seeds and the darker the bread the better for me and I don’t go crazy on pasta but I do love it occasionally. Believe it or not there are carb free pastas available at most supermarkets. It is made from an ingredient called Konjac. The final change I made is watching my saturated fat intake. These are simple and obvious steps that any normal person should take whether they are diabetic or not. Again managing your blood sugar level is the overarching factor at play here.

Personally I enjoy a chicken stir fry with fresh vegetables and brown rice. Topped with a nice basil and garlic sauce. Oh baby… A lean piece of steak and salad really gets my engine running too. Try oven baking frozen fries as opposed to frying them, a much healthier option. Fresh fish is great in a type 1 diabetes diet or anyone’s diet for that matter. There is plenty of research that suggests a diet high in fish is a key to a long and healthy life. I enjoy fruit and yogurt for dessert although be aware that some fruit can be a little higher in natural sugar. On the weekend I usually enjoy some milk chocolate. This might not be ideal for some but again I don’t let diabetes deter my lifestyle too much. I manage my blood sugar levels very well and I make a point of working hard at the gym the day after a heavy hit out in the kitchen.

Another product that has helped me along the way is Splenda –  a great sugar replacement. A diabetics kitchen should include a packet of splenda.

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